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I think differently most people I know, I apply logic, reason and emotional aspects in equal proportion to the solution of problems. I have an unusual amount of intuition when it comes to people, I am able to figure out motivations and intentions with a high rate of accuracy. Even with people whom I've had very little interaction with. I don't fit stereotypes very well. I'm often the odd one out in a group. I surprise people often with my reactions and perspectives. I have a high emotional quotient, which I feel is incredibly useful, particularly in my fields of teaching and life coaching, so I make a point of flexing and improving these skills. I'm rather pleased to be me. I have a great self esteem and good confidence which makes me willing to seek out and accept challenges which I may not appear to be able to deliver on initially. I'm not afraid of failure. In fact I think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success.

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Teaching Method:

Teachers have their own teaching styles, just like students have their own learning styles. All students are individual and everyone learns in their own unique way. I use multiple methods of teaching (linguistic, visual, auditory) to reach students, so that no one is left behind. I can’t say that I prefer one method to another. Each method has certain benefits and should be applied in some situations. In one class I may prefer explaining, especially if pupils struggled with discipline. Then in some other classes, students are more creative, so I may prefer collaborating. I typically try to apply various methods and observe the reaction of the students, measuring both their progress and interest. After a few lessons I typically know which method works with them, and which does not. I believe that demonstrating and collaboration are the most effective teaching methods at the secondary school. The side benefit is the development of communication skills and teamwork. However, I have experience with all main teaching methods, including explanation, demonstration, learning by teaching, as well as some unorthodox methods, for example learning by playing. When I prepare my lesson plans, I always think carefully about that and try to apply the most suitable methods in each lesson. I always try to mix it up, so the students experience the unknown, and the lessons are not routine, or boring.


BS (Hons.) Physics
University of Education
2014 to In Progress

FSc Pre-Engineering
BISE Bahawalpur
2008 to 2010

Worked as a Physics Teacher at Sirat-ul-huda School System Township
Taught Class 10
2015-09-01 to 2018-02-01
Worked as a Physics Teacher at Advance Learners Academy Township Lahore
Taught 11th Class
2016-03-01 to 2018-03-01
Available Timing
08:00 AM-11:00 PM


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Physics In Class 9 7000 Not Taken 
Mathematics Science In Class 9 7000 Not Taken 
Physics In Class 10 8000 Not Taken 
Mathematics Science In Class 10 8000 Not Taken 
General Mathematics In Class 10 8000 Not Taken 
Mathematics Arts In Class 10 8000 Not Taken 
Physics In 11th Class 10000 Not Taken 
Mathematics In 11th Class 10000 Not Taken 
Physics In 12th Class 12000 Not Taken 
Physics In BSC 15000 Not Taken 
Physics - 5054 In O-Levels 15000 Not Taken 


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