What Is GAT Test?

GAT Test Pakistan TutorWhat is GAT?

GAT stands for Graduate Assessment Test or General Assessment Test. The test is basically conducted to check three major skills of the students want to further their higher education in Pakistan and around the world. In Pakistan, GAT is conducted by National Testing Service (NTS), which has been directed by the HEC to conduct GAT-General and GAT-Subject test. Basic reason for the GAT is to generally assess the students about three major skills sets that have been given below:

  1. Written Communication
  2. Mathematics, Science & Technology
  3. Humanities, The Arts & Social Sciences

Above mentioned area are broad. However, they represent the basic knowledge and expertise that every student is expected to have built in his previous studies, which are normally 14 years of education.

Therefore, this test has two almost similar names in terms of technical point of view. We can say that this is a General Test, where the students do not have to study any specific syllabus rather they have to be familiar with the subjects they have studied throughout their previous studies. Similarly, we can say it Graduate Assessment Test, because it helps university to understand the expertise level of students in their graduation degrees.

As English, Mathematics, Science, comprehension and analytical skills are what students develop during their course of studies, this test requires multitude of skills to take. Basic purpose is to test the Knowledge and Skills. Some experts call this test, “A Test of Knowledge And Skills”.

There are basic two types of GAT tests are available in Pakistan.

  • GAT-General
  • GAT-Subject

Why Does Student Take GAT Test?

Students, who want to commence their higher studies either at M-Phil, MS, HEC Higher Education Scholarship Schemes or Ph.D in any specialized subjects, have to take GAT test. Students who want to get admission in M-Phil, MS or want to get Higher Education Scholarship Schemes, take GAT-General while the students/scholarship who want to continue their research studies in specialized subject and get PhD degree from any higher education university take GAT-Subject.

What Are Total Marks In GAT?

Total Mark for GAT Exams are 100.

How The Marks Are Distributed Among Three Sections?

As we know that GAT-General is divided into three major sections:

  1. Communication And Comprehension Skills
  2. Mathematics and Science Skills
  3. Analytical Skills

Numbers are divided with the following system:

  1. Communication Skills                                       25
  2. Analytical Skills                                                   25
  3. Mathematics                                                         50

What Are Passing Marks?

Passing Marks for GAT General are 50 accumulative. Accumulative means, you need to get total 50 without any condition for specific marks in any section. You can get all 50 in only mathematics or you can add marks of each section to make your result.

What Is Percentile?

Percentile means how well you have performed from among the participated students. If you have got 85 percentile, it means you have performed better than 85 students out of 100.

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